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Utility Consult prides itself in being unique in the local utility efficiency market by providing a wide range of Utility Solutions, hence our motto “YOUR COMPLETE UTILITY COST SOLUTION”.

Why we exist:

Utility cost as a percentage of business overheads is rapidly increasing, seriously impacting profitability. Utility Consult came into existence almost 20 years ago as a result of market reaction to the spiraling cost of utilities. We provide commercial & industrial property owners with a specialised selection of informed solutions to reduce the cost and/or consumption of selected utilities.

Our history:

Since founding Utility Consult we developed our UtilityZmart-software in order to formulate quantifiable efficiency interventions. Considering that optimal utility efficiency comprises both a pricing and consumption component, we gradually developed capacity to advise our clients on all utility related topics. We are proud to have advised many prominent organisations on utility efficiency topics.


We follow a holistic approach by analysing historical client data and client needs to generate optimal utilty cost efficiency recommendations for our clients, i.e."we create a utility smart environment".

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Utility Consult Head Office
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